“Army Town Madrigal”, the NEW David Childers-Bruce Piephoff album

Army Town Madrigal - front cover Army Town Madrigal - back cover

“I have been listening to Army Town Madrigal and enjoying it greatly.  I won’t choose favorites.  Every time I try to do that, I change my mind halfway through the list.  I admire the whole thing–even the poetry, about which I am always schoolmarmish picky.  Thank you!” –Fred Chappell

“Army Town Madrigal” is a limited-edition split album by David Childers & Bruce Piephoff, released in May 2016.

Recorded and produced by Robert Childers, this one is a departure from Bruce’s previous two releases, “Soft Soap Purrings” and “Still Looking Up at the Stars”; it’s a bare-bones recording with a whole lotta love and heart. The “back and forth” – a Childers tune followed by a Piephoff tune, x 6 – really works. I’m happy to be a part of this album, having contributed electric guitar parts to Bruce’s tunes and poetry…

These are absolutely two of the finest songwriters that I’ve had the pleasure of working with (in the land?). Enjoy! ~ Scott Sawyer 6/5/2016

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Piephoff, Childers & Sawyer - head shot 2 Piephoff, Childers & Sawyer - head shot 1