Father’s Day  2014

It’s been almost two and a half years now since Dad passed on yet it seems like only yesterday.  I’m thinking of him today on Father’s Day.  I have a few of his possessions that were passed on to me; several of his wood carvings of the Grand Canyon, a hunting knife, a 1968 D-35 Martin guitar, a leather jacket with a Navy pin on the lapel and a Levi Denim Jacket.  A few weeks ago I wrote a song about that jacket which brings me comfort to wear now.  Last time I saw Dad he was waving goodbye, saying he loved me and advising me to go out and have some fun in this world and not worry so much.  This Thursday I’ll be doing just that as I head up to Saluda(near Asheville) in the mountains of N.C. to play at a venue called The Purple Onion with Aaron Ballance joining me on dobro, guitar and lap steel.  I’m gonna eat, drink and be merry with Stony and Susan and play my songs for all the good people up there and I’ll wake up in the mountains on Friday to cooler temperatures and good coffee.  Dad would like all that.  Happy Father’s Day to you all, my friends!


Bruce Piephoff


Daddy’s Levi Denim Jacket

Ain’t got much to remember the old man
A hunting knife and a D-35
But I still wear his old Levi denim jacket

The arms are a little short
The back’s a little tight
But the fleece lining’s warm
On a cold winter’s night
So I still wear his old Levi denim jacket

He was a weightlifter and he ran the mile
Listened to Caruso and he had a nice smile
An aerial gunner’s mate
In the Navy in WWII
So I still wear his old Levi denim jacket

His ashes took flight in the middle of the night
On a Harley Davidson to his favorite sight
Grand Canyon, Arizona
The place where he felt right
And I still wear his old Levi Denim jacket (2)

words & music by Bruce Piephoff, Piephoff Music, ASCAP

About Bruce Piephoff

“Bruce Piephoff is a delightful poet and musician with a talent for composing poetry of fine clarity and immediate appeal; his art is cheerful and open and he has a real feeling for his subject matter. He is of admirable personal character and has been courageous in pursuit of his genuine vision.” – Fred Chappell (Poet Laureate of North Carolina; 1997-2002)